14 Segment Display Pdf

Character Encoding

The individual segments of a fourteen-segment display.

Character Encoding[edit]

Arabic numerals on a 14 segment display


Hexadecimal Encoding of Decimal Numbers for 14-segment displayDigit0123456789Hex Code0xC3F0x4060xDB0x8F0xE60xED0xFD0x14010xFF0xE7

Latin Alphabet[edit]

Latin alphabets on a 14 segment display

14 Segment Display


Most of the ASCII characters (the double quote is missing) on a 14-segment display

Incandescent lamp[edit]

Multiple segment alphanumeric displays are nearly as old as the use of electricity. A 1908 textbook [5] describes an alphanumeric display system using incandescent lamps and a mechanical switching arrangement. Each of 21 lamps was connected to a switch operated by a set of slotted bars, installed in a rotating drum. This commutator assembly could be arranged so that as the drum was rotated, different sets of switches were closed and different letters and figures could be displayed. The scheme would have been used for ‘talking’ signs to spell out messages, but a complete set of commutator switches, drums and lamps would have been required for each letter of a message, making the resulting sign quite expensive.

14 Segment Display Pdf File

Cold-cathode neon[edit]

A few different versions of the fourteen segment display exist as cold-cathode neon lamps. For example, one type made by Burroughs Corporation was called ‘Panaplex’. Instead of using a filament as the incandescent versions do, these use a cathode charged to a 180 V potential which causes the electrified segment to glow a bright orange color.[6] They operated similarly to Nixie tubes but instead of the full-formed numeric shapes, used segments to make up numerals and letters.[7]


  • A four character 14-segment display. Note unbroken top and bottom segments in comparison with a sixteen-segment display.
  • LCD fourteen-segment display as used on Hewlett-Packard’s HP-41 range of programmable engineering calculators from the late 1970s.
  • 14 segment LCD as used on the Hewlett-Packard HP3478A Multimeter.
  • LCD fourteen-segment characters on an after-market car stereo.
  • An inverted, backlit fourteen-segment LCD display used in a Sony MHC-EC55 Mini Hi-Fi Component System.

See also[edit]

7, 9, 14, 16 segment displays shown side by side.

  • Nixie tube display


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